Why is a CV important.

In this digital day and age many people think that CV's are no longer needed because a lot of work nowadays don't need experience but for bigger companies and organisations you will most definitely need one. This is because they want to know who they are hiring and if they will be wasting their time or not and why your CV plays a massive role in this is because before going to a interview this will be your chance to show off who you are and what you have to offer.

However a lot of employers only take 5 seconds to make a decision on whether to look at or ignore your CV. To avoid this from happening you have to make your CV stand out over the hundreds or thousands of people who are also applying for the same job.

A well written CV should set out all the main information required and about yourself in a easy to read format. People may get confused and start writing in a application form style instead of staying on the point and this would most likely lead to the employer ignoring it and unfortunately missing out on your chance of a interview.

Also to maximize your chance at getting a interview and a potential job is to make a CV for each job that you apply for so you are meeting the requirement for each job instead of recycling your old information that will most likely be irrelevant to the current job you are applying for.

This is where Stepwise careers comes in. If you are struggling with what makes a CV good then reach out to us. We would love to help take your CV to a world class standard. One that will showcase your skills and experience and secure that much coveted attention from any recruiters and employers.



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