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What you get with our coaching and mentoring service

We listen and not just that, we meet your educational, career and professional development needs with years of expert experience to help you make informed decisions about your options as well as offer the tools you need to meet your goals. Our former delegates and mentees feel equipped with a solid understanding of their core strengths and how to use these to unlock new opportunities. Where necessary, we advise on new skill sets required to ensure the CV we build for you attracts the desired attention.

University does not make what you become in life but making the right decision before going into university could influence that destiny or facilitate your career progress. Whether you want to take up a T-level, Apprenticeship,  Traineeship, VTQs (BTECs) or continue to year 12/13 and university, we can help you make informed decisions on choices that will not only fulfil your ambition but also give you the satisfaction that you have made the right decision.

At Stepwise Careers, we are harnessing the power of hands-on training, coaching/mentoring experience in new and innovative ways. Stepwise Careers provides a stepping stone for our candidates and delegates to reach the incredible future they envision. Our Training Courses ISTQB Foundation in Software Testing Certified Scrum Master Coaching and Mentoring courses including Professional CV Writing and how to nail that dream job interview at the first attempt.

Whatever your background, qualification or current role, with just 3 days training at very affordable rates, you could be earning that dream £25k - £35K starting salary in a matter of weeks with that £250 / day contract not very far off. Our services encompasses post-classroom support that is gaining us grounds as thought leaders in the market.

We champion any competition by providing a competitively priced and bespoke training model which includes:

☑️ Online training to mitigate the impact on work and home life.
☑️ Review and update of your current CV to ensure it is of professional standards.
☑️ Bespoke interview coaching and mentoring to keep interview nightmares at bay.
☑️ Work experience opportunities on in-house Stepwise projects.
☑️ On-going on the job coaching to ensure seamless adaptation.
☑️Access to Stepwise alumni forum discussions & conference calls.

Get Career Coaching at Stepwise Careers: Our experienced coaches will help you make informed decisions about your career trajectory and equip you with tools to meet these goals. You strengths, past and current situation always play into the advice we give to leverage your career and any further skills needed to ensure a stellar-looking CV for that next role.

We will build or update your LinkedIn profile to reflect your experience and help grow your LinkedIn network and make it easier for LinkedIn Recruiters to identify your skill set If you need help getting and nailing the next job interview, we will revise your CV to professional standard to ensure your key transferable skills stand out to enable easy spotting by recruiters. That's not all, we will walk through key interview techniques that will get you through that first highly awaited interview Our clients usually gain a renewed surge of SELF-CONFIDENCE after just the first session.

We maintain 100% CONFIDENTIALITY with all our clients and will ALWAYS listen with a VIEW TO HELP!! We have a great bunch of Talented, Professional, and Experienced staff who will not only walk the journey with you to ensure you achieve your target/ expected goal, BUT will redefine the meaning of DONE to ensure we surpass your expectations ALWAYS.

What our delegates & mentees say

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