What prerequisite knowledge is required?

Candidates should have a basic working knowledge of IT and be aware of software development concepts, but no prior experience in Software Testing or the Project Management Office is required.

How long do the courses take?

The StepWise Careers Software Testing & PMO training packages run over four Saturdays, thereby accomodating the delegates’ daily commitments and giving opportunity for better feedback and more interactive sessions.

Can I practice a sample exam?

The StepWise Careers Software Testing and PMO packages includes a sample exam practice questions, so you can get used to the style required in the exam. As a result, candidates feel more confident and our pass rates are high.

Where are the training sessions held?

StepWise makes use of state-of-the-art training venues across the Midlands specifically Northamptonshire, the rose of the shires.

How much do the training packages cost?

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and we can provide pricing for a value-adding package that is price-matched to your needs.

How can I take the BCS Foundation in Software Testing?

You can complete the StepWise Careers BCS Foundation Certificate in Software Testing training course, which includes everything required for certification, excluding books and the exam.
StepWise Careers strongly recommends taking an accredited training course before attempting a BCS exam. Candidates can feel confident that by using an accredited training course the training materials, course tutors and the organisation are of a high standard and have been independently assessed.
Detailed statistical analysis proves that candidates attending accredited training courses have a much better chance of passing BCS’s examinations as well as adding more value to their career and for their employer.
Taking an accredited course can also enable candidates to understand the topics more clearly, allow interaction with tutors and fellow candidates, facilitate discussions and utilise the tutor’s practical experience as a software tester.

Is the BCS Foundation Certification suitable for me?

The BCS Foundation Certification is regarded as the de facto international standard for Software Testing. It has been taken by over 50,000 candidates across the world. It is aimed at new entrants to Software Testing.
However it is increasingly being used by more experienced Software Testers to ensure they understand the key topics and techniques, as well as the common language used in Software Testing.
The BCS Foundation exam is used as a way to assess the skills and knowledge of candidates. This means it is the natural start to the career of any Software Tester.